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Something about DevOps..

A new Trend has been introduced in IT these days that is DevOps.First of all DevOps is not a title/job/profession, DevOps is a culture. A healthy culture of organization's Dev and Ops guys to cooperate with each other. DevOps is talking about many aspects of Development and Operations processes while trying to optimize the engineering organization for growth and infrastructure for scale.

DevOps culture is talking about:
  • Engineer's empowerment - by giving engineers more responsibility over the whole application lifecycle process. (dev->test->deploy->monitor->be on call)

  • Test Driven Development - write tests before you write code. Unit tests, integration tests, system tests. This will help increase the quality of your service and give you more confidence to release faster and more frequent.

  • Automation - automate everything that can be automated. Test automation, infrastructure automation (infrastructure as a code), deployment automation, etc..

  • Monitoring- monitor your apps, build monitoring alerts well. It should save your time, don't flood with metrics and alerts.

  • Self-service - provide a self-service for any framework that you build or anything that you do. Don't be a bottleneck.

  • People - but most importantly its talking about people culture that should be open minded, transparent, egoless, professional, with "can do" attitude.